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Gee Whiz, We Feel Better!

We are enriched by getting to share in the joy of our patient’s recoveries! Here are some photos and xrays of some of our wonderful patients. The families of these patients wanted to share their joy with you.

“Bonnie” is a 3 year old female Bearded Dragon who was brought to our clinic for an exam, after being rescued. She was underweight and had difficulty using her back legs due to trauma and poor nutrition. Almost every illness we see in exotic animals could have been prevented with proper nutrition and husbandry.

Bonnie is a very sweet lizard and is now on her way to recovery; with an appropriate enclosure, adequate diet and an educated owner. We have posted Bonnie’s experience as a reminder of our responsibility, as pet owners, to be educated about our pet’s needs and provide them with a healthy environment in which they can thrive.

“Gunner” had a very traumatic injury! We triaged him and got him stabilized, the next day we took him to surgery to fix his front leg. He will have a long recovery, but he is doing well and getting better!